Ela means ‘the earth’. We take upon as our Corporate Philosophy to render unto and give back to the earth the abundance the earth has given us. Ela honors the earth we live on. Ela has taken this endeavor to emphasize on the life support functions provided by the natural environment - clean and healthy soils, reduced energy and water consumptions, reasonable control over pollution thereby ensuring superior human health conditions.

We aim at applying eco-friendly concepts in composite water & sewage systems, planning and greening roads, public utilities, mandating pollution control standards in treatment of affluent, hazardous and other wastes.

Our Green Building Designs focus on increasing the efficiency of the resources through better layouts, construction, operation and maintenance.

Ela is committed to offeringgreen building concepts to it’s customers and to promote environmentally friendly materials and technologies thatwork towards a greener environment.
Ela believes in excellence and strives to achieve highest standards of perfection.

To deliver world-class green building solutions using sustainable designs,innovative technologiesand eco-friendly material, managed by professionals and deliver quality servicesthrough process driven approach so as to achieve customer delight.

We believe in conducting our business with the highest standards of honesty, integrity and professionalism.