Ela offers a range of Green Building Design Consulting Services, that use various design techniques, skills on knowledge of materials, renewable energy methods and energy analysis, best customized to the client’s needs.

  Feasibility study analysis  
    Analyzing project details in terms of green parameters and suggesting improvements required, financial implications along with a cost benefit analysis.  
  Facilitate Green Building Certification for various building types  
    We provide green building consultancy services and undertake the entire process of registration, document collection, collation and submission to appropriate Authority for Certification.  
  Energy simulation for buildings  
    We believe in conducting our business with the highest standards of honesty, integrity and professionalism.  
  Lighting simulation and day-lighting analysis  
    Lighting and day-lighting analysis of the proposed building taking into consideration shading devices used and/or glazing characteristics using software tools.  
    Fundamental and enhanced building system commissioning as perproject requirements and design brief report to meet the requirements of the rating system.  
  Water efficiency analysis & fixture selection  
    Analysing the water consumption and suggesting measures to minimize usage through appropriate design strategies and appropriate use of fixtures.  
  Thermal comfort analysis  
    Analysing thermal design of buildings on the principles of human comfort.  
  Material selection  
    Appropriate selection of materials with focus on extending the life of reusable materials, using rapidly renewable materials and materials with recycled content.  
  Water, Sewage & Waste Management  
    Advisory services on setting up of suitable water treatment, water recycling and waste management plants.  
  Municipal & Local Body Infrastructure on Water & Drainage  
  Planning, assessment, designing and project management of water, storm water and drainage systems.