Architectural Services

Commercial Complex

Location – Srikakulam

Typology – Commercial

Site Area – 7329.99 sq.m (1.81 Acres)

Built Area – 13,375.92 sq.m

A data-driven design approach from the early design phase has resulted in a built form where the west facade is exposed to least solar radiation. Further, the service areas are placed towards the west orientation, which act as buffer zones. The building facade exhibits a juxtaposition of textures and colours and punctuates the otherwise linear facade


Location – Hyderabad

Typology – Residential

Carpet Area – 5170 sq.ft

Scope – Interior Design

The interior design for one of the units at Myscape Isle Of Sky. The project has been designed thoughtfully taking into account the client requirements, aesthetic appeal, optimising daylight and energy savings for the residential unit. A classical muted appearance interspersed with wood work and elegant detailing has been the underlying theme.

Ela Green School

Location – Chennai

Typology – Institutional

Site Area – 36,014.70 sq.m (8.89 Acres)

Built Area – 8,157.37 sq.m

Ela Green School is envisioned as a healthy, sustainable, and eco-sensitive school with a low adverse environmental impact. The building orientation and the self-shading-built form reduce the heat gain through the building envelope and enhance the potential for natural ventilation. Both the built and the unbuilt spaces create a conducive learning environment through thoughtfully designed spacious, well-lit and ventilated high ceiling classrooms. The campus is LEED platinum-certified.

Mr.Sandip Residence

Location – Hyderabad

Typology – Residential

Site Area – 1679.78 sq.m (0.41 Acres)

Built Area – 227.42 sq.m

The residence is conceived as a compact cuboid placed amidst the open landscaped area. The design incorporates vertical fins that wrap the facade to regulate the effect of glare and diffused lighting, while also acting as a design element. The optimum positioning and sizing of windows aids in improving the cross-ventilation thereby enhancing the thermal comfort of the house.