Project Highlights

Home for Street Children –
Auxilium Navajeevana

Owner : Auxilium Navajeevana
Architect : Ela Green Buildings & Infrastructure Consultants
Built Up Area : 20,000 sq.ft
Location : Hyderabad

The Integrated Design Approach employed during early design stages ensured higher energy savings. All dorms & learning spaces are located in areas with max daylight to reduce lighting consumption during daytime.

The glazing elements are planned on the North and South façade of the building with appropriate shading devices. The east and west façades of the building are kept to a minimum with services such as toilets on the west.

200 mm Fly Ash Bricks – U value –
0.72 W/sq.m K

WWR & Daylight

Shading Elements

Project Highlights


Energy Savings
w/o renewables


Daylit spaces

Ela Green School

Owner : Ela Green School
Architect : Ela Green Buildings & Infrastructure Consultants
Built Up Area : 86,000 sq.ft
Location : Chennai

While designing Ela Green School, we had two ideas: Ensuring a safe & productive indoor environment for the students and ensuring the most optimal energy-efficient performance of the building.

To achieve this, we employed the trias energitica approach which forms an energy efficient design, then ensuring active & renewable energy for superior performance.

Novel design such as assisted natural ventilation ensures lower indoor temperature whilst lowering energy consumption was employed for a sustainable design.

Pockets created to provide shade for
outdoor tot-lot and play areas

Designed to minimize
direct radiation

Roof U value 0.55 W/sq.m K
Wall U value 0.61 W/sq.m K

Project Highlights


Energy Savings
w/o renewables


Daylit spaces

Coal India Corporate
Office Building

Owner : Coal India Ltd
Architect : Raj Rewal & Associates
Built Up Area : 2,50,000 sq.ft
Location : Kolkata

Stepped floors – for effective
utilization of courtyards

Roof –Insulation with 75 mm
thick EPS

Additional layer of glass to avoid
glare and act as a shading

Project Highlights


Energy Savings
w/o renewables


Daylit spaces

Rainbow Hospitals

Hospital owners understand the tangible benefits that a green hospital brings. Through sensible solutions such as low-energy lighting, thermal glass, tapping on renewable energy and water-conserving fixtures, hospitals reduce their utility cost through which the saved money can be used to provide better patient care while providing comfortable spaces with good ventilation and abundant daylight.

“Designing Green has allowed us to enhance comfort conditions whilst reducing operation costs drastically.”

Neeraj Lal, Vice President, Head – Operations, Rainbow Hospitals

Rainbow hospitals located all over India uses various energy conservation measures such as usage of LED lights, presence of VFD in AHUs, etc. Their highest savings is through the usage of solar-heat pump hybrid system catering to their hot water requirements.

Owner : Rainbow Hospitals
Location : Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Vizag

21 kWh/sq.m/yr

Savings using Hybrid
Heat Pump System

Infosys Limited

Infosys Limited is one of the premier institutions in India exemplifying leadership in environmental sustainability. With its state of the art monitoring systems and implementation of cutting edge technology in its daily operations & maintenance of buildings, Infosys’ carbon footprint is highly reduced.

“Sustainability is not an aspiration. It has to be an emotion”

Swapnil Joshi, Infosys

The firm used solar powered sludge dryer for drying the STP sludge waste. The sludge is then used as fertilizer for its onsite landscape & nursery. It also employs bio-methanation plant, which converts food waste into fuel for cooking requirement. The plant in their Bhubaneswar facility caters to 100% of their cooking needs.

Achieved Platinum level LEED Certification for Infosys campuses in Pune Phase-1, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Bengaluru & Chandigarh



Biomethanation used for cooking

Microsoft India (R&D) Private Limited

Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt. Ltd is the largest Existing Buildings: Interiors platinum certified building in India. The building located where the public transport structure is robust encourages pooled transport to cut down on it CO2 emissions by transport. Its state of the art STP system on –site ensures maximum utilization of its resources.


Food produce
locally purchased


Offsite Solar PV
contribution in the
Energy Mix

MIRPL commissioned a bio methanation plant, which converts food waste into fuel for cooking requirement. The plant as of Feb 2020, caters to 15% of their cooking needs.

Built Up Area : 5,85,000 sq.ft
Location : Bengaluru